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Zivic & Hurdle Architects, PC- Firm Profile

Mission Statement

The mission of ZHA Architects, a national provider of hospitality and lodging design solutions, is to deliver expertise, experience, value and reliability through comprehensive architectural services ranging from feasibility studies, programming and facility design to interior design and construction management.

Our comprehensive architectural services benefit our clients by providing a single source for managing the complex processes and broad array of technical and design activities necessary to produce a cost effective project in a timely fashion resulting in optimized client investment.

ZHA Architects differentiates itself from others in the profession by demonstrating its core values through a strong design methodology focused upon listening to our client’s concerns, understanding our client’s needs, addressing project challenges with creative solutions and producing inspired architecture that is positioned on the leading edge of design.

ZHA Architects’ primary marketing strategies are to solidify its existing client base to achieve a greater share of their work, introduce add-on services to maintain existing clients and attract new ones, introduce lead-in services to promote awareness of our core services to new clients, expanding our services geographically to attract new clients to expertise not otherwise available to them and acquire new project and client types by offering unique benefits.

ZHA Architects is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their project objectives with unsurpassed quality, value and service; having our employees share in the company’s vision, financial success, professional growth and creative development; and cultivating loyalty and a reputation for fairness with our stakeholders.

Core Values





  • Successful architecture benefits everyone.
  • The business of architecture can be conducted with honesty and integrity.
  • Making a contribution to our community is essential.
  • Good design improves the quality of people’s lives.
  • Our employees are our greatest assets.
ZHA Architects, PC- Firm Profile
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